Cleanroom Network NTP Displays with Atomic Date and Time of Day

DC-Digital is well versed in crafting our clean room products. Recently we received a large order for clean room displays from Pfizer, a global leader in creating medicine and vaccines. At this specific Pfizer plant in Michigan, they manufacture and package penicillin. They wanted displays that are: The DC-25ALN-Date-Time-POE-STAINLESS come …

6 inch LED Digital countdown to an event timer days hours minutes and seconds

Project or Event Countdown Clocks

DC-Digital features a line of project or event countdown timers.  These clocks can be utilized for many occasions.  We have sold the products to such customers as The Ohio State University and Michigan as countdowns to the game where they play each other (which the clocks featured the ability to …

2.3 Inch LED Flush Mount Digital clock

DC-25 Flush Mount Clocks

DC-Digital Flush Mount Clocks have a 2.3 inch display and fit flush against walls with or without back boxes. They are a great idea for placing a clock (or timer) into a wall that needs to aesthetically pleasing. These flush-mount clocks also can work inside of ambulances or buses. They …