Underwater Pressure Testing Countdown-Timer, for the US Navy Autonomous Submarines

countdown timer for testing pressure in SAAB underwater autonomous submarine tethys for the US NAVY
Countdown Timer
Countdown timer for pressure testing the SAAB autonomous submarines for the US NAVY DC-10T-DN-ANDON-NEMA-W

Built specifically for timing of the pressure testing procedure for the SAAB manufactured autonomous submarines Tethys built specifically for the U.S NAVY. The Timer is connected directly to the DWYER DPG-200 pressure gauge. The pressure gauge measures the autonomous submarines inside pressure and the countdown timer measures the amount of time that the pressure needs to be kept at a sustained level. If the pressure falls under (Indication of vacuum leak) or if it sustains at the prescribed level in the prescribed time period it is considered a FAIL-or-PASS and the ANDON light will illuminate it’s RED or GREEN LED giving visually its status and also at the end of the timing period a tone will be emitted giving audible indication of end of period.

DC-Digital’s Handheld RF-Wireless controls for setting the timing remotely (up to 1500 feet away) and easily (single press tactile membrane switches).

Contact closures from the pressure gauge are terminated inside the NEMA 4X enclosure.

DC-Digital’s Multi-colored LED ANDON indication light

DC-Digital’s Piezo buzzer for audible end of period indication

See demonstration video: Autonomous Submarine Pressure Timer Video

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Wiring diagram:

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