DC-Digital “makes to order” every number display right here in the great USA

DC-40 Enclosures drying from cleaning process before entering the powder coating area we use textured tux black
DC-40 All aluminum enclosures for our 4 inch 4 digit LED displays, are cleaned and ready for TUX black powder coating.
DC-40 Aluminum 4 inch 4 digit enclosures cleaned inspected and ready for TUX black powder coating

Each Aluminum enclosure that DC-Digital produces is taken to a local powder coating facility and is cleaned of oil and various contaminants to prepare for the adherence of the powder coating process. DC-Digital uses the textured TUX black powder coating. After testing of many types and textures, we have found that it is tough and can take a lot of abuse as well as hides finger prints but will allow adherence for labeling. The powder coating company is within 3 miles of the DC-Digital plant allowing for low delivery costs.

See: The DC-40 Timers, Counters Clocks and Number Displays Product line up at DC-Digital

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