(0Z-9356-5101A) Daktronics Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling LED Wired Stat Panel Set (Refurbished INDOOR)

SKU# 0Z-9356-5101A
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• Sold as a set of two identical stat panels
• Multi-Sport, Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling

• Long-life LED's
• Heavy duty enclosure - hand unload-able
• 90 day warranty
• Hand deliverable (Please call for shipping cost!)

Tech Notes:
Functions: Players, Points, Fouls
Control operations: Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling
Control type: Wired All Sport 5000 control console (not-included)
Power: 120Vac-240Vac, 50-60Hz, @ 5 Amp
Viewing distance: 300 feet / 36.50 Meters
Enclosure: Tough Aluminum, finger print resistant, black powder coated
Dimensions: 15 feet wide x 3 1/2 feet tall x 6 inches deep
Mounting: (4) slotted mounting holes
Timing accuracy: Quartz (factory calibrated to +/- .0005 pps, @ 10Mhz)
Manufacturer: Daktronics
Warranty: 90 Day


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