(DC-606UT) Multi-Function, Push-Button Controlled, Digital Timer-Clock, 6 Inch Digit, Hours, Minutes, Seconds (Outdoor)

• Counts up to 99 hours, 59 Minutes, 59 Seconds: Hours:Minutes:Seconds
• Counts down from 99 hours, 59 Minutes, 59 Seconds: Hours:Minutes:Seconds
• keeps time of day: Hours:Minutes:Seconds
• Momentary sealed push-buttons switches
• 300 Feet viewing distance
• Heavy duty IP-66, waterproof, all aluminum enclosure
• Wide viewing angle, sunlight resistant, LED digits
• 1, 2.3, 6, 8, 15, 30 Inch LED Digit heights available
• Customizable to fit any of your counting needs: Contact-Us

Tech Notes:

Functions: 1) Counts up to 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 Seconds 2) Countdown from as much as 99 hours, 59 Minutes, 59 Seconds 3) Time of day (12hr format) hours, minutes, seconds
Control operation: Clock/Timer, UP/Down, Start-Stop, Reset to Last Value, Reset to Zero, Set Hours, Set Minutes
Control type: Environmentally sealed momentary set switches mounted on the top of the enclosure
Power: 120Vac-240Vac, 50-60Hz, 3 Amps, 2 wires with ground (pigtails inside of a junction box mounted on the side of the enclosure)
• Digit type: (6) x 7 Segments made up of individual 5mm oval, 110 x 40 degree viewing angle, 1100 mcd sunlight resistant red LED 621nm
Viewing distance: 300 feet / 91.44 meters
Number height: 6 inches / 152.4 mm
Dimensions: 23-1/8 inches wide x 7-1/2 inches tall x 3-1/8 inches deep
Enclosure: Aluminum, tough, finger print resistant, black powder coated (NEMA 4X enclosure available)
Mounting: (2) slotted tear drop mounting tabs (see spec. sheet 2D drawings), Handle and tripod mounting optional
Audible: Optional
Timing accuracy: Quartz (factory calibrated to +/- .0005 pps, @ 10Mhz)
Manufacturer: DC-Digital, Made in the USA
• Warranty: 1 Year
Click Here for Specifications Sheet

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