(DC-256-4W-System) 4-Wire Sync. System, Digital Clock, 2.3 Inch Digits

SKU# DC-256-4W-System
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• Secondary system clock displays-Hours:Minutes:Seconds
• 1 pair 22-Gauge Data wiring
• 120 Feet viewing distance
• Heavy duty 14 Ga. all aluminum enclosure
• Wide viewing angle, LED digits
• 1, 4, 6, 8, 15, 30 Inch LED Digit heights available
• Customizable to fit any of your clock needs: Contact-Us

Tech Notes:
Function: Master clock with CM-1 required: Time of day secondary system clock (12-24 Hour) that synchronizes on 2-wires
Control operations: Synchronizes exactly to connected Master Clock
Control type: 9600 baud 8N1 Ascii code sent over the 2 data wires (2) 22 Gauge data pigtail wires out of the back of the enclosure
Power: PS-12-700,120-240 Vac power wall adapter w/6ft. cord (Included)
Digit type: (6) Super bright bar type 7 segment red LED 621nm
Number height: 2.3 inches / 58.42 mm
Viewing distance: 120 feet / 36.5 Meters
Enclosure: Powder coated 14 gauge all aluminum enclosure
Dimensions: 12-7/8 inches wide x 5-3/4 inches tall x 2-1/4 inches deep
• Mounting: (2) slotted tear drop tabs (see specification sheet 2D drawings)
• Timing accuracy: Quartz (factory calibrated to +/- .0005 pps, @ 10Mhz)
• Manufacturer: DC-Digital, Made in the USA
• Warranty: 1 Year (optional extended warranty plan @ checkout)
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