Portable Digital Sports Timers

Description: Portable Digital Sports Timers

DC-Digital portable indoor-outdoor battery operated multi-function timers are easy to set up and use for events or sports of any kind rain or shine, designed to take the abuse of daily usage. They have super-bright sunlight resistant LED's (indoor-outdoor switch) with digit sizes that range from 6 to 30 inches and viewing distances up to 750 feet. They have an IP-66 all aluminum waterproof enclosure with a lens-less front panel which provides an extremely wide viewing angle. They are controlled by either a long range RF wireless remote control or environmentally sealed push-buttons for control. The come a with carrying case, tripod mount and battery charger. Customization? No problem!-Contact Us

• 4-Digit models count up to 99 hours from hundredths (shift digit technology)
• 4-Digit models countdown from 99 hours to hundredths (shift digit technology)
• 6-Digit models count up to 99 hours from seconds
• 6-Digit models countdown from 99 hours to seconds
• keeps and displays the time of day
• RF wireless handheld remote controls
• Environmentally sealed push-button switch controls
• Battery operated, tripod, carrying handle, carrying case
• IP-66, waterproof, heavy duty all aluminum enclosure
• up to 750 Feet viewing distance
• High intensity, sunlight resistant, wide viewing angle, LED digits
• 6, 8, 15, 30 Inch LED Digit heights available
• Customizable to fit any of your counting needs: Contact-Us

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