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DC-Digital Multipurpose/Multi-Function Timers & Clocks
DC-Digital manufactures multipurpose timers and clocks that allow maximum usability in an all in 1 display. They are a countdown timer, for time remaining, a count up timer, for elapsed time and when not used for timing, a highly accurate time of day clock. They can be computer controlled through the network, RS-232, or a wireless link or controlled using either push-buttons or our long range RF wireless remote controller (WRC-8T). They come with digits sizes from 1 to 30 inches high and can be viewed up to 750 feet away. We also have totally portable battery operated models. They are enclosed in either Nema 4X poly-carbonate (Nema), all aluminum (indoor), all aluminum IP-66 waterproof (outdoor). Customization no problem!-Contact Us
DC-60UTW-BTC-R Portable LED digital sports timer with redundant controls. Comes with RF-wireless handheld controller, local push-buttons, batteries, battery charger, tripod stand, carrying case and handle, waterproof extruded aluminum enclosure, 8 hours of worry free operation on a 24 hour charge. Up to 300 feet of controls and viewing.