Digital Outdoor Timers and LED  Outdoor Timers
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Type / Description Features & Capabilities
Count Up
Count Down
Time of Day
Digit Shift
Count Down Timer N/A YES YES YES YES
Count Up Timer YES N/A YES YES YES
Universal Timer YES YES YES YES YES
6 Digit Down Timer N/A YES YES Yes N/A
6 Digit Up Timer YES N/A YES YES N/A
6 Digit Universal YES YES YES YES N/A
Standard Clocks N/A N/A YES YES N/A
6 Digit Clocks N/A N/A YES YES N/A
Network Clocks N/A N/A YES N/A N/A

Outdoor Digital Timers and Clocks General Description

  • Viewing distance 50ft to 1500ft
  • Number height = 1 inch to 30 Inches
  • Case dimensions = (See Individual Spec Sheet)
  • Optional Digital Shift Technology*
  • Timer up and down functions - 99 hours to hundredths plus 12 hour time of day clock
  • Optional RF wireless controls
  • Quartz accuracy
  • Powder coated all Aluminum case
  • Made in the USA

*- Digit shift technology electronically uses a 4 digit display to show 8 different numerical values by displaying the highest unit values as they are reached. For example: In the count up timer mode the display would show hundredths and seconds and then shift right to show seconds and minutes then shift right to show minutes and hours.

** - Indoor clocks are preset at a lower intensity for easier indoor viewing. Outdoor rated displays are preset at a higher intensity for bright light conditions and are housed in weather resistant cases.

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