DC-Digital Counter "All-In-One" Packages
DC-Digital All-In-One, easy to install and setup LED counter display packages come with a diffused reflective sensor, remote controls for decrement and reset to zero. Industrial made to take the abuse of any factory floor or production line indoor electronics and displays, internal terminal blocks for easy connections, all aluminum for (indoor), all aluminum IP-66 waterproof (outdoor), Nema 4X poly-carbonate (Nema) enclosures with viewing distances up to 750 feet. All USA made! Customization no problem! Contact Us

DC-25C-PKG-SHRT: Large digital LED display counter with sensor (and mount), remote set switches and power supply. Sensor detects objects, IR beam, adjustable up to 10 inches away (10 ft. option, see DC-xxC-PKG) displays the count, viewable up to 120 feet away (up to 750 feet optional DC-300C). Comes with remote controls for decrementing, resetting the count to zero, and power supply, everything needed to count products, processes, manufacturing procedures.
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