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DC-Digital designs, engineers and manufactures, indoor and outdoor, industrial digital LED countdown timers. Meticulously handcrafted to each order to accurately and reliably display how much time is left. They have multiple triggering methods for starting, stopping and resetting (PLC's, remote switches, relays) and many output "End of Period" indicators (relays, ANDON stack lights, audible alarms). 1 inch to 30 inch high, super bright LED digits that are viewable up to 750 feet. The electronics are housed in all aluminum enclosures, IP-66 waterproof outdoor, NEMA 4x, and stainless steel enclosures. Designed for the industrial, government, health care, safety, entertainment and sports markets. All are USA made! Contact us

DC-406N-T-DN-UP-STATIC, Network POE Multi-Function Digital Number Display. 6 Digit, 4 inch, countdown timer 99:59:59, count up timer 0 -99:59:59, 12-24 Hour clock, static numbers 00:00:00, with blanking feature. It is addressable! Contact us for more info.
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