Digital Countdown Timers - 4 Digit - Hours-Minutes-Seconds-Tenths-Hundredths

DC-Digital designs and manufactures indoor and outdoor digital LED timers that can countdown the hours, minutes, seconds and tenths, all in a 4 digit display package called  "Shift Digit Technology". There is no need for a 6 or 8 digit display, saving you money and space. They are hand built tough to accurately and reliably keep speeches, conference talks, counsel meetings, even testing on track. They come with wired or wireless remotes and or can be computer network or RS-232 controlled. They come in all of our popular sizes from 1 inch to 30 inch digits with up to 750 feet viewing distances. Enclosures are all aluminum, IP-66 aluminum outdoor, Stainless and NEMA 4X. All are USA made! Do you need customization? Contact Us 
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