Description: Sports Timers

DC-Digital portable outdoor-indoor battery operated sports timers have everything you need to make your event go smoother:
  • 3-Functions in one Count-Up Timer, Countdown Timer, Time of Day Clock
  • Totally Portable (Carrying handle, Tripod, Carrying Case, Battery Charger, RF wireless controller)
  • RF-Wireless Hand Held Remote Outdoor Controller (150+ Range), Environmentally sealed Push-Button Controls (Optional)
  • Outdoor Sunlight Resistant LEd's with extra wide viewing angle with Indoor Brilliance Switch
  • Heavy Duty IP-66 Waterproof Enclosure
  • Sealed Lead acid Battery Operated (8+Hours Full Brilliance) 
  • Repeat Time with "Reset to Last" Function Switch on Remote Controller
  • 4-Digit models have Shift-Digit-technology for viewing and manipulation of Hours, Minutes, and Seconds
Digit sizes range from 6 to 30 inches high with viewing distances up to 750 feet (smaller sizes optional). Constructed with super-bright sunlight resistant LED's (indoor-outdoor use switch) and a lens-less front panel which provides an extremely wide viewing angle. Housed in a IP-66 all aluminum waterproof enclosure with carrying case and tripod mounting (optional). Customization? No problem!-Contact Us

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