Digital Sports Timers

Heavy duty "Hand Made-Sport Tested", multi-function, fully portable, outdoor-indoor sport timers for baseball-softball, football, lacrosse, running races,  soccer, track and field, even bar to board game timers...? We also specialize in custom applications, but chances are, we already make it, contact us...we will be happy to find a solution for you! USA made. More...(at bottom of page)
Description: Sports Timers

DC-Digital portable outdoor-indoor battery operated sports timers have everything you need to make your event go smoother:
  • 3-Functions in one Count-Up Timer, Countdown Timer, Time of Day Clock
  • Totally Portable (Carrying handle, Tripod, Carrying Case, Battery Charger, RF wireless controller)
  • RF-Wireless Hand Held Remote Outdoor Controller (150+ Range), Environmentally sealed Push-Button Controls (Optional)
  • Outdoor Sunlight Resistant LEd's with extra wide viewing angle with Indoor Brilliance Switch
  • Heavy Duty IP-66 Waterproof Enclosure
  • Sealed Lead acid Battery Operated (8+Hours Full Brilliance) 
  • Repeat Time with "Reset to Last" Function Switch on Remote Controller
  • 4-Digit models have Shift-Digit-technology for viewing and manipulation of Hours, Minutes, and Seconds
Digit sizes range from 6 to 30 inches high with viewing distances up to 750 feet (smaller sizes optional). Constructed with super-bright sunlight resistant LED's (indoor-outdoor use switch) and a lens-less front panel which provides an extremely wide viewing angle. Housed in a IP-66 all aluminum waterproof enclosure with carrying case and tripod mounting (optional). Customization? No problem!-Contact Us

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