DC-Digital Computer Controlled Number displays: Network Controlled
DC-Digital designs and manufactures network controlled multi-function LED digital number displays. Hand crafted for easy connection, setup and control. Use them to count up, countdown, as wall clocks or simply dynamically change the numbers. Web browser based page interface allows any network device to control and change functions, operations, display digital numbers instantly. Use by itself or as a Master Secondary system. Just send the code of operation and the display does the rest, see video: Control Protocol. USA parts and craftsmanship! Need customization? Contact us.

DC-40N-FIRE-POE: Built for the Honolulu Fire Department; This is a customized DC-40N-DN-UP-STATIC with added DC-ANDON-24, High Intensity adjustable buzzer DC-EOPB-High and POE Network Power card. It alerts the firemen of the set goal turn out time.
-Instructional Video of the DC-40N-FIRE-POE
-Instructional Video of the DC-40N-DN-UP-STATIC
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