DC-Digital Day Counters/Timers
DC-Digital indoor and outdoor day counters accurately increment 1 per 24 hour period. They are controlled using push-buttons, remote switches (see Accessories Switches, Relays, Sensors page), voltage sources (5-30 VDC) PNP source or our long range wireless transmitter (WRC-4T). Displays range from 1 inch to 30 inch digits with up to 750 feet viewing distances. They are enclosed in all aluminum (indoor) or all aluminum IP-66 waterproof (outdoor) or Nema 4X poly-carbonate (Nema) or your enclosure (OEM). Customization no problem! Contact Us. See also our Countdown Timers Days-Hours-Minutes-Seconds

(NEW PRODUCT DEBUT!) DC-150N-T-UP-DAYS: Count up the days (once every 24 Hours) but send it information via a Network WEB-PAGE interface. Simple! Call or contact us, Note: This product was developed for ODOT (Ohio dept of transportation) but the Network WEB-PAGE is available for all of our Day Counter models.
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