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DC-Digital industrial indoor-outdoor LED digital counters accurately and reliably count and display production, parts, processes, materials or units, using PLC's, relays, switches, sensors, wired or RF-wireless, individual controls or as a synchronized system with up to 750 feet viewing distance, and enclosed in all aluminum for indoor, IP-66 outdoor and poly-carbonate certificated NEMA enclosures. All are USA made! Customization? contact us
Description: Digital Counters - Units-Items-Products

DC-Digital large industrial LED indoor and outdoor counters can be easily seen, used in any environment and are easy to control. Digit sizes range from 1 to 30 inches high with viewing distances up to 750 feet (Outdoor models have sunlight resistant LEDs). They are enclosed in all aluminum for (indoor), all aluminum IP-66 waterproof (outdoor), Nema 4X poly-carbonate (Nema) or your enclosure (OEM). We have Multi-input models (DC-XXC-Term) for 5-30 Vdc voltage source or sink. Environmentally sealed push-button models and RF wireless remote control models. They also have multiple power options 24VDC to 240Vac. Customization no problem!-Contact Us

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