DC-Digital Countdown Timers: PLC, Sensor, PNP, Switch, Relay Controlled
DC-Digital indoor-outdoor multiple input  industrial countdown timers are designed for hands free external remote control, for production processes, cycle time, speaking engagements, testing and competitions, accepting inputs like momentary contact closure, voltage pulse source or sink from PLC's, switches, relays, sensors (see also Accessory page). No memory required setting using the (BCD-Set n Forget), BCD rotary set switches. Heavy duty all aluminum (indoor), IP-66 all aluminum (Outdoor) or NEMA enclosures, up to 750 feet viewing distances. Customization no problem!-Contact Us

DC-40T-DN-BCD: 4 inch digital LED countdown timer with ANDON light and 3 second relay activation at the start and at the end of the countdown period, view-able up to 200 feet away. 24VDC power and external inputs that accept PNP or contact closures. Contact us for more info!
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