DC-Digital Count Down Timers: Foot Switch Controlled
DC-Digital foot switch activated digital LED countdown timers are designed for industrial hands free controls for production processes, cycle times, procedures and competitions with sealed and non-sealed foot switch options, protective shrouds are also available. Set them using the "Forever Memory" (BCD-Set n Forget) BCD rotary set switches and then never need to set again, with up to 750 feet viewing distances giving maximum visual awareness. Heavy duty all aluminum (indoor), IP-66 all aluminum (Outdoor) or NEMA enclosures. All USA made. Customization no problem!-Contact Us

DC-10T-DN-Hand-Foot: Foot switch "hands free" activation hand washing timer that is wall mount-able with low voltage operation. Dip-switch settings inside for conveniently changing the timer count down values; like 20 seconds (flip the 15 and 5 second dip-switches together). Any combination of 4,2,1 minutes and 30,15,5 seconds. Set them together to combine values. Full LED display with EOP buzzer, all enclosed in a wall mountable all aluminum enclosure. Need something different? Contact us.
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