(DC-40T-UP-PKG) Industrial LED Digital Count Up Timer Display Package, 4 Inch LED Display, Diffused Reflective Sensor, Remote Controls

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This is a complete count up timer package system. It comes with all you need to set up, install and start timing any process that requires single process time or accumulated process time. Heavy duty 14ga. all aluminum enclosing a 4 inch high, 4 digit display. Fully assembled and factory calibrated electronics, diffused reflective sensor (adjustable up to 10ft. range), reset to zero switch, cabling, mounts, cabling restraint and power supply. All USA made! Need customization? Contact-Us

Tech Notes:
Function: Counts up from hundredths of a second to 99 hours
Control activation: Terminal 1:  Start/Pause, Terminal 2:  Reset to Zero, Terminal 3: Reset to Zero and Start
Control Input Sensor: PNP sourced, triggers once object is sensed and maintains until object is moved. Connects to terminal 1
• Control Input Reset Switch: Momentary contact closure to reset to zero. Note: will not reset if sensor is outputting. Connects to terminal 2
• Power: PS-12-700,120-240 Vac power wall adapter w/6ft. cord (included) or will also accept customer supplied 24 Vdc @ 500 mA power (terminal block connection)
• Digit type: (4) Super bright, 7 segment, bar type, red LED 660nm
• Number height, actual: 4 Inch / 101.6 mm
• Viewing distance: 200 feet / 60.96 meters
• Enclosure: Tough 14 Gauge aluminum, fingerprint resistant black powder coating (NEMA 4X enclosure available)
• Dimensions: 16-1/4 inches wide x 6-3/4 inches tall x 3 inches deep
• Mounting: 4 X 4 or 2 X 4 electrical rough in box, slotted tear drop knockout (see specification sheet 2D drawings), Handle and tripod mounting optional
• Timing accuracy: Quartz (factory calibrated to +/- .0005 pps, @ 10Mhz)
• Manufacturer: DC-Digital, Made in the USA
• Warranty: 1 Year (optional extended warranty plan @ checkout)
Click Here for Specifications Sheet


• Function: Diffused reflective, adjustable for up to 10ft.
• Control activation: Outputs both PNP and NPN, once object has been sensed output is triggered and holds until object moves out of sensor range. Connects to terminal 1 (Typical)
• Power: 12VDC @ 10mA (Supplied by display) 
• Mounting: Stainless bracket with (4) slotted .25" x 1.5" mounting holes and (1) Sensor mounting hole with nut
• Cabling: 6ft. wire whip pigtail, (4) 22ga. wires
• Additional cabling: 25ft. wire whip pigtail, (6) 22ga. wires, matches sensor wire colors
Click here for specifications

Remote Reset Switch:
• Function: Resets the display to zero
• Control activation: Momentary contact closure. Connect to terminal 2
• Mounting: Wet location 2 x 4 junction box, stainless steel switch plate, heavy duty 40mm palm switch
• Cabling: 25ft. wire whip pigtail, (2) 22ga. wires 

How to Use

This timer can be used as an elapsed timer or stop watch
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